Symetosphere has partnered with WebEx to provide our entire catalog of courses via easy to use web -based tele-presence. Remote tele-presence allows us to deliver training on a more flexible schedule supporting a wider range of class sizes and produces the minimum possible carbon footprint. Tele-presence training also saves money, reducing the costs to you so that you can broaden and deepen your skill set for lower costs that onsite training.

We use the latest web-based training technologies and techniques to produce a personal and interactive experience for everyone in the class. Sessions are recorded so if you have to miss part of a class, it’s easy to catch back up.

All courses include one copy of printed materials. Register at least one week in advance to ensure delivery prior to the start of class.

Currently we only offer courses in English.

How to use our catalog

You can scan the courses in various categories by clicking the category in the menu bar above. You may also search for keywords of interest using the “SEARCH OUR SITE” tool found on the right side of the page.